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Haute Educational Solutions Co is an enrichment program that was created during the global pandemic, COVID-19. When traditional learning shifted to remote learning, we noticed that many students were suffering academically, by declining in academic skills and learning levels. As a result, we developed an educational system that is tailor made to fit the scholar versus the scholar trying to fit the educational system. We've devised innovative ways to incorporate each scholars' genius factors to help them make learning more purposeful.





Our session with Dr. Harris was so amazing and insightful. She helped my son understand where to place his academic focus, and how to begin practicing his vocations at the same time. She helped open our minds to the possibility of having multiple careers.

Y. Hicks,

Mother of a 10th Grader

Program Offerings

Haute Educational Solutions co. offers a range of sessions that provide scholars and parents with

the opportunity to activate their 3 Genius Factors.

Planning spending with kids

Customized Learning PLan

College/Career Readiness

Reading/Math Enrichment


Start the school year off with a bang!!!

My Child is a Genius book and workbook are great tools to help you get your child(ren) started on the right foot.

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During our session, my son was able to make a positive connection between his love for math and his love for music. Dr. Harris helped him implement his music skills to figure out vocabulary words.

E. Steeples,

Mother of 5th & 7th Graders

After taking the 3GF Assessment, I have a better understanding of how to help my child. I feel more comfortable sharing his genius factors with his teachers.

T. Satchell,

Mother of a 7th Grader

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